1:1 Mentor Workshop

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1:1 Mentor Workshop


Educating yourself and continuing to learn is a huge part of our business as photographers, and one of the most important investments you can make is in yourself. Photography is my passion it is something I enjoy. That is why I want to mentor and help others.

The 1:1 Mentor Workshop includes the following:

A complete portfolio review- I will go over your current portfolio and give you tips and pointers where you can improve.

Overview of my settings and basic approach to shooting.

Business and marketing, including social media strategies.

I will schedule a newborn session, where it will be hands on. I will work with you on posing, lighting, wrapping ect.

We will spend some time editing the newborn session together before our day ends!

This mentor opportunity is for photographers that are confident shooting in manual already.

Only available to photographers that live & work a minimum of 30 miles from Tuscaloosa, Alabama

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